Kids table and chairs suitable for medical offices

When you have to open your own doctor’s office, you have an extremely long list to work with. Here you can read an extremely useful article by Dr. Alexandra Latcu about setting up a medical office. An extremely important aspect to consider is the area dedicated to little explorers that must be very well thought out and all objects must be chosen carefully so as to provide child safety and a friendly environment. Little ones need to feel comfortable when they step on the doorstep because they are not in the best shape when they go to the doctor. An object that should not be missing from this area is the table with the children’s doctor’s office chairs.

Here are some things to help you choose the right table for your doctor’s office:

Safe and quality children’s doctor’s office table and chairs.

The safety and quality of the products are the most important criteria that you must consider when choosing children’s medical office furniture. You should consider tables with chairs that are suitable even for children 1 year old. The chair should be easy to use and the children’s feet should touch the floor. At the same time, both the table and the chair must be durable and useful for several age groups. The quality of the material must be superior and the resistance must be long-term.

Bebetrix cube chairs are probably the safest and best quality for children. Here are some reasons:

  • Provides security and confidence to children aged +1 year
  • Stimulates children’s development
  • Made of 15 mm birch plywood, a material superior to chipboard or MDF, recognized as one of the best plywood. The plywood is made by gluing under pressure a number of overlapping veneer sheets, used in the manufacture of furniture, boats. No other wood product can be used on such a large scale as plywood. In addition, birch plywood is a strong material with high durability, resistance to wear and moisture. These products are tested even at 100 kg.
  • Practical for the whole family thanks to the multifunctional system.
  • Multifunctional. With a simple rotation, both the table and the chair can be used on three heights. Thus, the chair can also be used as a table, stools, lift, bedside table, book / toy storage system. The table can also be used as a bench or book / toy storage system.
Table and Chairs Medical Cabinet
Tables and cube chairs for childrens

“Thank you Bebetrix for this super versatile but also durable children’s furniture. I wouldn’t have thought that some children have a passion for moving furniture. :)))”

Pediatrician Alexandra Latcu, My Happy Family Pediatrics Office, Sighisoara

Children’s medical cabinet furniture suitable for any age

The waiting time before the consultation is recommended to be as small as possible, but even for a few minutes, children should have furniture that suits them, is comfortable and urges them to various creative activities to minimize stress. offered before the medical consultation.

Depending on the surface of the office and the availability of space, either opt for several sizes of tables and chairs, or opt for a type of children’s medical cabinet furniture that is suitable for several ages.

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Thanks to the multifunctional system, both the table and the cubic chair from Bebetrix can be used in three heights in various ways. For example, the table can be used as a bank or book / toy storage system. The cube chair can be used as a stool, lift, table, book / toy storage system. The set with table and cube chair is recommended for children aged between 1 and 7 years. After the age of 7, the chair can be used as a stool and the table as a bench. Even adults can use chairs in the form of stools, lifts, bedside tables.

Children’s table and chairs set with special and friendly design chairs

A playful, cheerful and friendly environment makes the little ones forget the reason why they are visiting the doctor. Do not hesitate to create an area that inspires joy, curiosity, play, warmth. It can be a corner like home. The chairs in the waiting room of the medical office are the first interaction of the patients with the office. By providing the right chairs, patients will feel more comfortable.

Table and cube chairs personalized after your own tastes

The set with table and cube chairs from the Simple collection from Bebetrix can be customized according to your own tastes. Dr. Alina Iuga wanted for the children’s corner in her ophthalmic office a set with a table and children’s chairs, cheerfully colored using the logo’s chromatics. The challenge came with great satisfaction and a set with a unique table and chairs came out, unique and the children who cross the threshold of their office are the most excited.

Doctor Oftalmolog Alina Iuga, Cabinet Oftanox Floresti, Cluj:

“My experience with Bebetrix began when I met the people behind the idea and we were bound by the same principles: integrity, attention to details and love for family. Later, I interacted with the products he manufactures and fortunately I found the same qualities in them. I have an ophthalmology practice and I work a lot with children of all ages. I wanted for them a safe space for the little ones, but also cheerful and interesting for preschoolers. With the guidance of Bebetrix, I chose the cube table and chairs and since then I discover a new method of use every day.

From small children, 1 year old, who are happy that they finally found a chair that they can manage by themselves, to schoolchildren who spend their time waiting at the cabinet making works of art, everyone is delighted, led by me, who is certain that I offer them safety and quality.

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The table is used as a drawing board, a book stand, but it turns into a bench when we need it. The chairs hide perfectly under the table and are a pleasant surprise for children when they are curious to discover. Perfectly accommodates 1-year-old children. I remember a little girl who didn’t want to get off the chair and we had to do the whole consultation there. I succeeded. It also accommodates big children, they have to bend down a bit to draw, but I’m sure I have quality seats. Many times he also accommodates me when I want to interact with children at the same level and make myself understood. I recommend a bit of Bebetrix in your life, they play with wood and create a wonderful ensemble for…play.”

Table and Chairs Medical Cabinet
Table set with chairs

Multifunctional furniture for easy storage

In order not to take up much space, it is opportune to think of an easy-to-assemble furniture system. An advantage of cube chairs with a multifunctional table is that they can hide under the table and do not confuse passers-by.