Wooden castle

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Wooden castle – Wooden castle toy – Wood Castle game – play it with many challenges!

Mommy, Daddy, are we playing? How well-known is this line? For children, play is paramount. All they want is to play. Wooden Castle is a game that develops imagination, motor skills, spatial orientation and creativity. Wooden Castle toy can be used by many children to help them develop their relationship skills.

Toys made of natural materials such as wood have always been and continue to be a source of creativity and inspiration for children. From ancient times the children played with wooden elements from nature. Educators such as Waldorf or Montessori emphasize the use of natural elements in the development of the little ones.

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Minimum recommended age: 3 years

Dimensions: 7x24x2 cm largest piece


  • The game consists of 36 pieces of different sizes,
  • Material: linden wood, from sustainable local forestry.
  • Unpainted


  • The toy must be protected from moisture to prevent mold. The minimum storage temperature of the toy is 20 degrees.
  • We recommend supervising children during play.
  • Cleaning is done using a wet, well-squeezed textile material.


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