Waldorf Puppet Dots

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Waldorf Puppet Dots – offers magic in their game!

Made with a lot of love, the little Waldorf puppet is not just a toy. It is that doll that through its simplicity and naturalness contributes to the child’s sensory experience and the development of the child’s imagination and creativity.

Through play, children want to imitate real life. The Waldorf puppet Dots is handmade, made of 100% natural materials, with minimal features just to encourage the child’s imagination.

The little Waldorf doll is not a toy or a doll. It inspires warmth, tranquility, calm. Once you take her in your arms you fall in love with her. Due to the fact that it is made of natural materials, the Waldorf doll is in harmony with the children’s feelings. The little Waldorf puppet Dots conveys emotions, love, security.

Give her a lovingly crafted gift created in a small workshop at the foot of the Fagaras Mountains. The gift will be magical through its simplicity and through the stories and fairy tales created around it.

Made of non-toxic materials, 100% handmade.

The handmade doll is perfect for role-playing and imagination development.

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Minimum recommended age: 3 years

Dimensions: 36 cm

Material: natural materials, non-toxic


The toy must be protected from moisture to prevent mold. The minimum storage temperature for the toy is 20 degrees.
We recommend supervising children during play.


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