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Textile doll – ideal for little ones to play with

When you give a child a handmade toy from natural materials, you are not just giving a toy, you are giving pure magic. So is the textile doll. It is handmade in a small workshop in the heart of Transylvania from carefully selected materials of superior quality. It is created with a lot of love, creativity and joy.

The clothes can be removable and the personalized doll can be accompanied by a blanket, a pillow and a changing dress. Through these accessories, children have the opportunity to develop many ideas for role-playing games. We all have memories from when we were little and playing various role-playing games. It is a way to stimulate children’s creativity and imagination.

If you are looking for gifts for children, be it a birthday, a spontaneous visit or any occasion, choose the textile doll from Bebetrix. You won’t go wrong with this gift.

To make the gift even more personal, this product can be customized with embroidery. Thus, we can embroider the child’s name or a message of your choice on the girl’s dress. Think about the child’s preferences and a suitable message that will fascinate him when he receives the gift. Children are delighted to receive a unique, personalized product.

On request, we can make various color combinations for the dress, blanket and pillow. Therefore, you can choose the child’s favorite shades and the surprise will be even greater. In the images you can see some examples of dolls with other dress models compared to the one with stars. You can choose from these models or you can contact us privately and we can offer you other options.

You can choose:

  • only the textile doll
  • textile doll with accessories (blanket, pillow and changing dress)

What are you waiting for? Choose right now the unique gift consisting of a textile doll from Bebetrix.

Taxes included. Shipping is calculated at the end of the order.

See our kids toys section for more ideas.

Size: 38 cm

Product weight: 1kg

Colour: star print

Materiale: Cotton, minky, linen, muslin

Warranty: 30 zile

Hand washing is recommended.


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