Multifunctional table set and two butterfly chairs


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Table Set and Two Children’s Chairs | Montessori Table and Chairs Set – artistic activities are more creative now!

The Butterflies collection for Montessori multifunctional furniture was designed in so as to bring an elegant and playful note in any room. Thus, this design allows the furniture elements to be integrated both in the children’s room and in the living room or bedroom.

Why choose the kids table and two chairs set?

  • The chair and the table are extremely useful due to their multifunctionality.
  • The multifunctional cube chair can be used by children from one year and up to the age of 7 years. With a simple rotation, the Montessori chair can be used in three heights (13 cm, 18.5 cm and 33 cm). The little ones can use this cube both as a chair and as a table, thus stimulating their independence and development. At the same time, over time, the multifunctional cube chair can be used as an elevator, bedside table, library.
  • The table can also be used as a bench, library, bed for pets. Like the chair, the multifunctional table for children can be used in three heights (14 cm, 34.5 cm and 50 cm).

The Montessori table and chairs set is suitable for any home due to its design classic and at the same time modern. We warmly recommend furniture for both home and kindergarten / nursery.

Montessori table and chair set can be ordered painted with varnish and paint on water base, non-toxic for children.

The kids table and two chairs set is made of 15 mm birch plywood, a material superior to chipboard or MDF, recognized as one of the best plywood. The plywood is made by gluing under pressure a number of overlapping veneer sheets, used in the manufacture of furniture, boats. No other wood product can be used on such a large scale as plywood. In addition, birch plywood is a strong material with high durability, wear and moisture resistance.

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Maximum weight supported: 90 kg

Seat size : 33×33 cm

Weight size: 75×50 cm

Product set weight (with packaging): 18.8 kg < / p>

Product set weight: 16.42 kg

Color: Natural and white, water-based varnish and water-based, non-toxic for children

Seat height: 33 cm

Table height: 50 cm

Materials: 15 mm birch plywood

Warranty: 1 year

The material may show traces of knots, fibers or a more pronounced texture. / p>

Being a wood product, it can present, in time, specific modifications and damages, depending on the conditions of use and storage.

The product can be cleaned with a soft soft cloth. < / p>

Protect the product from strong blows.


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