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    Crescent decorative pillow – pure magic in any room

    Many times we need small changes in certain corners of the house. After making small changes, you feel different. It offers you a state of well-being, comfort, peace. These small changes can be made through some elements or accessories. The crescent decorative pillow is suitable in this sense as it brings an elegant and at the same time playful touch to any room.

    Whether it’s the children’s room or the living room, the moon pillow can be the accessory you need to refresh the room’s decor. And of course, the pillow can be integrated into children’s play because it is like a big, interesting toy, soft to the touch and velvety. It thus stimulates children’s creativity and their imagination through various role-playing games.

    The pillow can be customized with the children’s names or with a personalized message through embroidery according to the customer’s preferences.

    On the outside, the pillow is sewn from soft and fluffy minky plush. Inside, the filling is made of superball-type silicone fluff, treated against mites.

    Handmade with great attention to detail, the pillow is a suitable gift for any age.

    Size: 70 cm diameter

    Product weight: 500 gr

    Color: various shades

    Materials: plush Minky on the outside and silicone fluff on the inside.

    Warranty: 30 days

    It is recommended to wash at 30 degrees, spin at the lowest speed.


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