How was the bebetrix brand born?

The bebetrix story begins several years ago, when the family’s first bebetrix was not yet born. It was a long-awaited baby by both our big family and our friends. Thus, Doriana Antohi gave us a very dear gift to us, namely a set of bodysuits with many funny messages, including the name “bebetrix”. Of course, she also had some accomplices, including Christina Carabus, who is “guilty” of the body design and both the first logo and the current bebetrix logo.

The outcome? Here is one of the bodies:

Bebetrix story
Sky – the dog

Over the years, the bebetrix family has grown. We went from 3 members to 5 members, including a four-legged bebetrix, a French Bulldog girl named Sky, and the junior bebetrix.

Bebetrix story
Bebetrix, family brand

The thought of having a project of ours, of the family, lasted several years because we needed time to gain courage. We thought for a long, long, long time, then we changed our minds and looked at a family council, and we changed our minds, and finally Daddy Bebetrix came up with a great idea. Why not share with all parents the idea of multifunctional tables and chairs that have been and still are extremely practical for us? Why keep it to ourselves? After all, we like to share our ideas. Moreover, we love nature, we love natural things and we work with a lot of passion and love. Thus, we decided to play with wood and create a brand of our own, of our family.

Bebetrix story

After deciding what to do, we sat down and asked ourselves, “What name should we use?” The answer to that question was, “Well, bebetrix must come to life because the products are for and about bebetrix!” And so begins the bebetrix story with wooden products, multifunctional furniture and toys. We are at the beginning of the road. We learn every day, we face all kinds of situations, we make mistakes, we fix it but we like it a lot. What could be more beautiful than having your own family project in which the whole gang participates? Nobody said it was easy but it was beautiful.

Why choose bebetrix products?

  • They are tested and retested from small to large by all family members
  • They are very practical in any home
  • They are quality, natural wood products
  • They are made with much love and soul

Encourage local production and buy baby products!