5 reasons to have the multifunctional learning tower

Before we had children we thought that all children are fascinated by many toys and chocolate. After we became parents, we realized and still continue to realize how few things children need to stay busy and happy. With the mountain of toys from grandparents, friends and acquaintances, the little ones spend more time in the kitchen and play with our “toys”. I am referring to kitchen items: pots, cutlery, etc. They are curious, they want to get involved, they want to knead the dough, they want to spin it in the pot on the stove, they want to get dirty with flour, they want to wash the dishes and much more.

Multifunctional learning tower – must have in any home

In 2016, when Bebetrix Senior was a year and a half old, we decided to try the learning tower, a must have in any home because it only works wonders through its usefulness. We also tried the version of a chair, including the two-stage chair from Ikea but it was not safe. There is a risk of falling at any time and we do not focus on the activity itself but only on its safety. We use that chair instead for many other activities and it is a real help in the house. In 2016, the learning towers were not very well known in Romania. We found a family from Cluj-Napoca that was producing at that time a model that was very helpful for us. They were called “Helpers.” We don’t know if it still works or not.

Emmi Pickler-harmonious development of children

After purchasing this tower, we started to study her behavior and analyze what activities attracted her. At the same time, we found a lot of information about the studies of the pediatrician Emmi Pickler on children aged 0-3 years, which emphasizes a natural development of the child and the major role he plays in this process. All studies begin as early as the 1920s and are mentioned even today in various documents that refer to the phenomenon of child development. Emmi Pickler and her husband, Gyorgy, of Hungarian descent, have shown through their research that a harmonious and natural development of children only benefits both mental health and the human body.

multifunctional learning tower
Learning Tower Bebetrix brand

After we started thinking about a learning tower, we wanted to go for the idea of multifunctionality because we focus on practical things. So, we thought of the first model of a multifunctional bebetrix learning tower. We adapted it to our needs and observations. The butterfly could not be missing as it is designed together with the collection of tables and multifunctional cube chairs with butterflies.

With the launch of this tower, we also changed the tower for Bebetrix Junior. We use it both as a tower and as a table and chair. Moreover, it takes up less space than the previous learning tower.

Here are 5 reasons to choose the bebetrix learning tower:

Stimulates children’s development and independence

If you are a parent who wants to stimulate children’s independence, the learning tower is a good choice to give your children the freedom to learn on their own. All you have to do is give them the opportunity to sit next to you while you do your homework and you will see the children’s curiosity and desire to do the same as you.

learning tower
Provides safety to children from the age of 1.5

When we designed the tower we thought first of all about Bebetrix Junior and how it will be used. He started using it at the age of one. He still didn’t know very well how to climb the tower, but he caught the movement quite quickly. So we highly recommend using it from the age of 1.5. Babies should not be underestimated as they quickly catch everything they see around them. Moreover, they are extraordinarily happy when they are involved in the affairs of adults. A person extraordinarily close to us used to tell us that when her little girl has moments of boredom and whines that she doesn’t want anything and nothing suits her anymore, he invites her to the kitchen to make a cake. It’s that moment when the little girl calms down being involved in an activity and the mother takes a mouthful of “peace” and together they prepare something delicious.

Multifunctional: you have a learning tower, table and chair
multifunctional learning tower

Having a learning tower has clearly become a must have in any home. Also, comes the moment when you have to buy a table and a chair for your little one to do various creative activities. It is much more practical to have a product that includes all three. After a cooking session, the little ones can move on to a creative session.

Also suitable for small spaces

We know and have heard from many acquaintances that small space is often a deciding factor in not buying a learning tower. The bebetrix tower is designed in such a way that it does not take up much space and due to its multifunctionality, it saves a lot of space as there is no need to buy another set of table and chair. In addition, it can be combined with the butterfly chair if there are two children in the family. When the table and chair are made, the tower is large enough for two children.

Durable material

We emphasize the quality of the products and always take into account the safety of children, the material used and the feedback of our customers. Thus, the tower is made of 15 mm birch plywood to provide stability to children.

multifunctional learning tower
multifunctional learning tower

If you encourage children’s confidence and independence, you must have a learning tower at home. It will help you a lot in your daily activities with the little ones and you will only prepare magical things in the kitchen. Nothing compares to the moments spent together. And these are truly unique moments because they grow too fast.